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How to request a mediation?

To initiate a mediation, please complete the following steps: 

Step 1:  Contact opposing counsel and confirm that all parties want to mediate with DRS North Texas.

Step 2:  Complete the appropriate Request for Service Form for your case. (Click on the form name to print):

Step 3: One party should submit a completed request for services form via email to drs@drsnorthtexas.org.

Step 4: Both parties submit non-refundable fee payment to DRS North Texas, Inc.
             a. Please call 817-877-4554 to submit payment via credit card.

             b. Non-refundable fee payments may be made by money order, cashier’s check, business check, or law firm check. Checks and money orders                               should be made payable to Dispute Resolution Services of North Texas. Checks should be mailed to our NEW ADDRESS:

                 DRS North Texas, Inc., P.O. Box 172661, Arlington, Texas, 76003.

            c.  We do not accept cash, or personal checks.

            d.  NOTE: Cases will not be scheduled for mediation until all parties have paid the non-refundable fee.

Step 5: After all non-refundable fees have been paid, please confer with opposing counsel and email DRS North Texas three dates both parties and counsel                will be available to mediate. Email the information to drs@drsnorthtexas.org.

Step 6:  Finally, we also ask that each party complete a Case Summary Form and an Acknowledgement form. These forms should be completed and sent                     before the date of the mediation. (Click on the form name to print):

All forms can be emailed to drs@drsnorthtexas.org

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